Reasons To Become a Nursery Teacher – Is it a Good Job?

Reasons To Become A Nursery Teacher – Is It A Good Job?

A nursery teacher is a significant job, and reasons to become a nursery teacher is an exciting field to discuss. To become a nursery teacher, you need to have a specific set of skills. You should have acquired the required educational qualification. 

It is common to find young girls with the dream of becoming nursery teachers. As complete guidance to them, this paper will cover the job role, qualities needed, and the procedure of becoming a nursery teacher.

The main focus will be to identify the reasons to become a nursery teacher, and finally, let’s discuss whether a nursery teacher is a good job or not.

This will be a comprehensive post that covers all the relevant information. Therefore, I have listed the topics I discuss below. Please, feel free to jump straight to the section you want by clicking on the topic.

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What is the job role of a nursery teacher?

A nursery teacher or preschool teacher is the first closest person of a child after the family. A nursery teacher is dealing with children at the preliminary stage of their education. It is the most important age of child development and the first a kid gets exposed to outside at this stage.

Nursery teachers provide guidance and support for little kids in their future academics and encourage improving skills.

When concerning the job role of a nursery teacher, they need to accomplish several tasks;

  • Developing lessons and work schemes
  • Make a stimulating environment for learning
  • Get in touch with parents
  • Take care of all the students individually
  • Organizing play and work activities
  • Engage children in extracurricular activities
  • Maintaining records

What qualities do you need to be a nursery teacher?

Being a nursery teacher is a more responsible task than other jobs. It needed specific qualities to become a nursery teacher, and everyone cannot have them.

Count how many qualities you have;

  • Communication skills
  • Patience and Kindness
  • Flexibility
  • Dedication
  • A sense of Humor
  • Creativity
  • A warm personality
  • Being energetic
  • Passionate on teaching
  • Courage and confidence

How to become a nursery teacher?

If you are interested in nursery teaching, you will be excited to know the requirements and the procedure to become a nursery teacher. You need to have academic requirements to become a nursery teacher. 

A bachelor’s degree or high school diploma in the fields of early childhood education or childcare is required. English, psychology, mathematics, and health and safety can be mentioned as some good areas to touch in your studies.

In addition, nationally recognized certification such as the CDA, CCP, or early childhood licensure is needed. Licensed early childhood education is required for public schools from nursery teachers.

Moreover, working experiences in a childcare setting will be an additional qualification. However, these requirements can vary from country to country as well as the school district.

Then, let’s find out the steps you should follow to become a nursery teacher.

  • Step 1 – Figure out your interest and the reasons to become a nursery teacher.
  • Step 2 – Earn a High School Diploma and a certification in early childhood education.
  • Step 3 – Earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education
  • Step 4 – Take working experience in childcare settings (you can apply for volunteering in childcare centers or preschools to fulfill working experience)
  • Step 5 – Obtain certification and early childhood licensure
  • Step 6 – Continue the education and research in the field
  • Step 7 – Select the district and schools you need to work and then apply

Top 10 reasons to become a nursery teacher

If you are still thinking of becoming a nursery teacher, you need to identify why you should choose this career. Rethink your interests and reasons to become a nursery teacher and enhance your favor and suitability in the field.

Here are the top 10 reasons and identify whether you too have these reasons for choosing this career. 

1. Interested in working with kids

One of the major reasons to become a nursery teacher is the passion for working with kids. Working with kids at such a little age is not an easy task. You need to have an interest and passion for working with small kids with patience and kindness.

Suppose not nursery teaching won’t be the right career for you. If you are enjoying your career, it’s the first thing needed for your success as a better nursery teacher.

2. Early Childhood Education is now a growing field

The early childhood education field is significantly growing, and it can be stated as a reason to become a nursery teacher. Vacancies and employment growth rates are rapidly increasing, creating more opportunities for job seekers to choose this field.

There is a rapid expansion in this field for opportunities. The child daycare services employ 57% of nursery teachers, while 18% were employed by religious, professional, and civic organizations. In addition, elementary and secondary schools employ 17% of nursery teachers. 

3. Children are amazing learners

Children are amazing learners, and that can act as a reason to become a nursery teacher. Children are always eager to experience and explore new things, and during that nursery age, they try to learn new things from every simple task and phenomenon around them.

You will be amazed by their incredible learning abilities, and it will be fun and exciting to teach them. And also the inspiration of teaching a right path to their future will make you satisfied from your job.

4. Develops adorable relationships

Among the reasons to become a nursery teacher, the cute and amazing relationships you create with kids take a major place. You are the first person they get to know in an unfamiliar setting without their parents.

So, with time, kids begin to consider you as special as their parents, and most of the time, we can observe kids consider their nursery teacher as a second mother for them.

These relationships are long-lasting and unbreakable. Even with the time passing, we won’t forget that adorable relationship with our nursery teacher.

5. Something new and unique can be experienced every day

Another reason to become a nursery teacher is the unique and new daily experience with kids. Teachers need to be creative and prepare an engaging and entertaining classroom for children to learn.

Kids learn well when they are happy and having fun. You need to consider more and more enthusiastic ways to attract kids to learn. Therefore, every day will be unique and contain something new to experience with kids.

6. Can support the personal, academic, and social development of kids

The nursery age of a child is the most important period of their lives. They need to develop several personal, academic and social skills during this age. Within their crucial stage of brain development, nursery teachers have the responsibility to support them.

To enhance these skills, nursery teachers can focus on arts, language and literacy, mathematical thinking, interpersonal connections, physical development, social and emotional development, and communication skills. It will be nice to prepare fresh buds to bloom in the future as flowers.

7. The priceless moments and memories

The moments you spent with kids and those memories are another reason. There may be many special, heart-touching moments for you as a nursery teacher. Those moments and memories are priceless and can cherish you forever.

Looking at photos with kids and recalling their cute memories will be lifetime happiness and satisfaction for you as a nursery teacher. 

8. Children consider you as a role model

Pre-school is the first place for the child to be exposed to society. It was their first time being away from their parents, and they began to socialize there.

Instead of parents, nursery teachers are there to take care of children, and then children begin to consider their teacher as a role model.

Most of the time, we can observe, the dream of those kids is to be a teacher since they consider their teacher as a role model. It will be a nice reason to become a nursery teacher.

9. Can get experience for raising your kids

Always being around children will make it easy for you to understand them well. You may meet children with different mentalities, talents, and skills.

And also, you get the chance to observe the parenting styles of the parents of kids and their interactions. It will pave the way for you to raise your kids more effectively with good parenting since you can understand kids better.

You can improve new skills to your role as a parent by observing how different people manage their parenting roles and their impact on children. It will be a favorable reason to become a nursery teacher for the well-being of your own family.

10. You will be able to have fun rediscovering the world through children’s eyes

Another reason to become a nursery teacher is that you may be able to have fun and rediscover the world through their eyes. You may be amazed by their logical thinking with the questions they ask you.

They make you think and force you to be a kid yourself. It’s really fun having them around, and it will recall your childhood. To answer their challenging questions, you need to rediscover the world through children’s eyes and think in a new way.

Is being a nursery teacher a good job?

Since now you have a piece of knowledge regarding reasons to become a nursery teacher, it is time to decide if it is a good job. Further, before choosing a career as a nursery teacher, you need to identify whether it is a good job or not.

Being a teacher is a rewarding career, and a nursery teacher is important among them since the foundation is important for the life of a child. If the foundation is not laid firmly, it will affect the whole life of children.

Therefore, being a nursery teacher is full of responsibilities, and it’s not an easy task.

A nursery teacher is a good job that is easy to qualify for, and the academic qualifications for a nursery teacher are relatively low compared to other teaching levels. You can start with a basic teaching certification and then can improve.

It will be a good start for the career of teaching job seekers. In addition, Nursery teaching is a good job with mental relaxation, fun, enjoyment, and creativity.

On the other hand, you may have physical exhaustion with the engagement of children full of energy. Sometimes, parents give teachers unnecessary pressure due to their expectations of children. It will make your job somewhat hard.

Moreover, the financial policy of a nursery teacher is discouraging in most of the states, and you may face some financial challenges. Therefore, it is better to identify the shortcomings of your job before you select it.

However, with the overall concern, nursery teaching is a good job with several interesting facts, and you may exactly begin to love your career after you start to work.


Now you have a clear idea about reasons to become a nursery teacher and why you should choose this as your career. Find out whether you have the necessary skills, and then follow the steps to apply.

Good luck, future nursery teachers, for your adorable journey ahead with little ones.

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