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Preschool Supply List For Parents [School Classroom Materials List]

Most of the time, preschool is the first place that your child is left without you. Kids in their early ages live with their parents and are confined to the home environment. Preschool is the first step of your kid’s education and the socialization process.

It is where they are going to interact with a new environment instead of home, stay for long hours, and get to know new people. As parents, you have to be more aware and alert on accomplishing your kid’s needs within the preschool.

You’ll receive a preschool supply list for parents when you are enrolling your kid in the preschool. It includes the essentials your kid needs at the preschool and is asked to provide them when taking your kid to the preschool.

Why is the preschool supply list is so important? This preschool supply list for parents is essential in preschool education since kids do not have any sense of what they need. Therefore, preschools provide a list of items for parents that they need at the preschool to teach kids and fulfill the kid’s needs. This supply list of preschoolers may essentially include extra clothes, slippers, tissues, a box of wipes, a sleeping mat, pillow, blankets, hand sanitiser, diapers or pull-ups, a family photo, a box of crayons, pencils, and markers, etc. You have to provide this supply list to the preschool according to the instructions given when taking your kid to school.

By reading this article, you may understand the essential items commonly included in the preschool supply list for parents and some optional supplies you can send with your kid. Then you’ll have an estimated idea regarding the cost of the preschool supply list.

Finally, I’ll provide you with some tips in sending preschool supplies for the preschool. So, if you are a parent of a preschool kid, this article will be beneficial for you.

Let’s get started! 

What are the essentials in a Preschool supply list?

Since preschool is the first place of your kid’s education, as parents, you have to pay much attention to your kid during this age. Your kid may start his first step to education, learn new things, interact with others, and socialize.

It will be the first time that you may let your kid stay in another place for a long period instead of the home without you. Therefore, preschoolers need more attention from parents than kids of other ages.

You should actively engage and communicate with preschool teachers and should follow what they are asked to do for your kid. Every preschool provides a preschool supply list for parents when you are enrolling your kid in the preschool.

It contains essentials that your kid may need within the preschool for his comfort and studies. You have to buy the list of items and then name them with your kid’s name and hand them over to the teacher at the beginning of your child’s preschool. 

This preschool supply list for parents can be varying from preschool to preschool, and they can include several items according to the willingness of the teacher and the learning strategies of the preschool.

Below are some items that are commonly included in the preschool supply list, and they can be changed according to your kid’s preschool.  

1. Extra clothes

Preschoolers are energetic and active. Therefore, accidents can occur, and the clothes of your kid can be soaked.

They can happen in playing, spilled beverages, fingerprints, or in any other messy thing. So you have to include extra clothes with supplies and remember to add extras in every item of cloth. And you have to label them by your kid’s name. 

2. Slippers or indoor shoes

It may sometimes be uncomfortable for kids to wear shoes all day, and therefore as indoor shoes, slippers can be used.

You have to include a pair of slippers to the kid’s supplies that are non-slip and warm.

3. Sleeping mat, Pillow, Blankets

Kids need nap time if they are tired at preschool. And especially when kids have the behavior of sleeping at home at a usual time, then they may be sleepy at that time even in preschool as well.

Therefore, it is better to include a sleeping mat, pillow, and blankets for their comfort. Some preschools have bedding facilities, but it is good to have separate items for your kid. 

4. Tissues

Cleanliness is a thing that you should teach your kid from home and teach him to use tissues and wipe the face. Ask him to use tissues to sneeze, and it will help to reduce illnesses.

Therefore, you need to include tissues with the preschool supplies. 

5. Hand Sanitiser

Even though there are hand sanitisers at preschool, it is good to have a separate one for your kid. Place a hand sanitiser in the backpack of your kid that you can find easily.

6. Family photo

Since preschool kids are too small and they have no previous experiences of staying away from home, they’ll miss the family at the preschool.

So, it is good to send a family photograph with your kid’s supplies, and then they can watch it and gaze at you. 

7. Box of wipes

Include a box of wipes in your kid’s supplies, and it can be very useful for your kid. So buy a large box of heavy-duty wipes and send them with your kid. 

8. Diapers or Pull-Ups

If your child wears diapers or pull-ups, then you have to include them in your kid’s backpack, and they’ll be necessary for the hours at preschool. Teach your kid to use and wear them properly. 

9. Box of Crayons

Crayons are necessary for preschool learning since they are one of the most used materials.

So a box of crayons should be essentially added to the supplies of kids, and a 24 color box is more effective. 

10. Pencils and markers

Pencils and markers are necessary for your kid in classroom activities. Add extra pencils and markers to the supplies since your kid may easily lose items and need extra ones. 

Optional preschool supplies

In addition to the preschool supply list for parents, there are a few optional items that you can add to your kid’s supplies.

Your kid may not necessarily need them within preschool, but by providing them, you can cherish your kid and feel better about the comfort of your kid. Here are some such optional items. 

1. Lunchbox

When choosing a lunchbox, try to select one that looks pretty and will increase your kid’s appetite.

There are several types of lunchboxes in the market, and finding one that keeps the foods warm and crispy. 

2. Water bottle

You can send a water bottle with your kid’s supplies and when choosing a bottle, find a stainless steel one instead of plastic bottles.

It is better to select a small bottle that suits the backpack.  

3. Games and toys

Ask the preschool teacher about the space for you to send such items with your kid, and then you can provide your kid some games and puzzle items to engage when they are free at the preschool. 

4. Child care supplies

If you want, you can send childcare supplies such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, and combs with your kid and teach them to use them when a need arises. 

5. Storage box

You can send a storing box for necessary classroom items that the kid always needs, and the storing box will support him to find them easily and manage them well. 

What cost should parents spend on the Preschool supply list?

Preschool supply list is an essential spend on money in enrolling a kid to preschool. When the preschool provides a preschool supply list for parents, it will be a burden for the financial situation of some families since there are lots of items that should be supplied.

The cost of the preschool supply list cannot be mentioned exactly since it differs from preschool to preschool and state to state. And even the cost will be varying with the prices of items, their quality, and the brands you are selecting.

Approximately it can be taken an average of $500- $800 for the supply list of preschoolers. However, this can be changed with the current pandemic situation and back-to-school procedures.

As we can observe, with remote learning, this burden with the cost of preschool supplies has been reduced for parents, and it is a relief for their side. 

Preschool supply list tips for parents

Shopping to buy a preschool supply list will be interesting as well as overwhelming to some parents.

Since preschool supply lists are becoming longer from time to time, it is a tiring activity with the busy schedules of many parents.

So, here are some tips that will be useful in providing items on the preschool supply list for parents. 

1. Stores with on-hand supply lists

When buying a preschool supply list, it will be easy for you to buy all the items in a single place. Some stores have your supply lists on hand according to the separate preschool.

That will be easier for you since it has already been arranged with all the items and you have nothing to worry about.

Search for the stores where your preschool supply list pack is available. 

2. Follow the instructions

When choosing preschool supplies, you have to follow the instructions that the preschool teacher mentioned.

Follow the mentioned dimensions, quantities, and brands that the preschool was asked to send. 

3. Don’t label unless the teacher asked

Most of the time, all the supplies you send will go to a large bin with other kids’ items. Therefore, don’t do so if the teacher did not ask to label them with your kid’s name.

There is no time to find the separate item of each student. Therefore, all the items were commonly distributed among kids. 

4. Avoid personal pencil sharpeners

Teachers don’t prefer to have sharpeners with their students, and the best thing is to pre-sharpen your kid’s pencils and send them.

If not, the teacher may have to sharpen all of them, and if kids may do that, it will be a mess.

5. Enjoy!

As parents, the preschool supply list will be an initial responsibility for you regarding your kid’s education, and therefore shopping to buy them is an interesting moment.

Just imagine the year ahead and the progress that your child may achieve in his preschool. Enjoy the moment as a parent and do it will-fully. 

Conclusion – Preschool Supply List For Parents

Now, you know the essential preschool list of supplies and what should be included in them. Even though the supply list may vary from preschool to preschool, some common items can be mentioned, and you can include them. Then you can include optional items that were not mentioned in the list but are important for your kid.

In addition, now you have got an estimated idea about the cost of a preschool supply list for parents. Then, finally, when choosing and sending preschool supplies to the preschool, you can follow the tips mentioned and achieve more success.

Thank you for reading this post. Stay tuned with Edu Nursery for more valuable content.

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