Morning Meeting Greetings For Nursery

Morning Meeting Greetings For Nursery

Nursery-level children always love to be loved! A very important thing that needs to be aware of is that many students come to nursery school to feel love, feel safe, and feel like they belong to something. 

Also, they deserve to know that they matter, valuable to people around them. In that case, morning meeting greetings are helpful to boost the day ahead. 

Fortunately, most of the children are lucky enough to feel love, affection from their home background. But sometimes, the home background of some children can be scary, stressful, and chaotic. 

And the hard truth is that those kids don’t feel valued or loved from their homes.  Especially to those children, the morning meeting greetings will be so powerful!

This will be a comprehensive post that covers all the relevant information. Therefore, I have listed the topics I discuss below. Please, feel free to jump straight to the section you want by clicking on the topic.

The Importance of Morning Meeting Greetings

It should be a new beginning to a new day in a classroom. Maybe the past few hours of the day were a mess with traffic or due to any other reason. However, remember it should be a fresh start for the nursery children with a happy, energetic and positive smile on the face.

Everyday mornings in many of the classrooms are restless.  So adding another thing; Morning meeting greetings to this busy morning buzz may sound pathetic. But a special morning greeting helps to start the day positively. 

Smiles that appear on the children’s faces when they get a greeting will bloom up their day.  It serves as a chance to restart a day.

Improve the socializing skills of students

Students are coming from various types of family backgrounds. Due to physical and mental reasons, some students can refuse to move with other students.

Mainly because of their shyness. But through the morning meeting greetings, they will get a chance to get the attention of others. It will allow those students to hear their names spoken with warmth and affection.

Maybe for the first time in the day, they will feel that they are valued. That allows their personality to shine through other students. Also, it will improve the socialization skills of introverted students by working with other students.

Help to start the day happily

As I mentioned before, not every child is lucky enough to have a peaceful family background. So, if their nursery classroom also is the same, it may be too stressful for a child. But this can change from their first step into the classroom through a simple morning meeting greeting.

It may be a small step, but with a considerable impact. It will be a happy way to start the day for the child and for the teacher too!

Boost academic skills

A child can be power up, energetic, happy, and ready for the whole day through a perfect morning meeting greeting.

So this will boost the academic skill of the child as if a child can do his academic work with a peaceful and a happy mind he can pluck good academic results.

Keeping Morning Meeting Greetings Fresh and Fun

It is good to change the morning meeting greeting method at least once a month. So it won’t be boring for the children and the teachers. Sometimes, repeating is a great idea, as students become familiar with each greeting, and there isn’t a need to spend time explaining how it works.

But after a month, they become used to it, and the excitement will be reduced. Here are some tips to keep morning meeting greetings fresh and fun!

Keep it simple

Try to use a simple greeting. Please don’t make it more complex with unnecessary movements and very long. These simple greetings are very easy to remember, and they are fun too. Some simple greetings are; peace sign, a high five, handshake, etc.

Different languages

Many students love to learn words from various languages apart from their mother language. So this will be an excellent chance for them. First, make children hear the pronunciation properly before using them.  Then practice a little bit with them. This will be a fresh method of greeting.

Ask your students

After children get used to the morning meeting greetings, students will practice it as a daily habit, and they have a better understanding of that. So you can give them the opportunity to suggest a greeting.

Using their suggestions and ideas they can be happy and interested in it. It will allow them to engage more in the daily morning meeting greetings in a happy mood.

Virtual Morning Meeting Greetings 

During distance learning, it is essential to connect with the students stronger than the other days. It will keep them fresh and fix their mind for the class. Also, attract the concentration to learn.

So, let’s have a look at the ways that we can greet them virtually. 

High five

As children and teachers are apart from a distance, it does not avoid giving them a virtual high five greeting. Invite kids to open their webcams and give each other a high five to the webcam. It may not be the same as they used to do, but they will love it!

Change Voice

When greeting, it will be more effective to change the voice.  It will be fun and impactful. For example, a teacher can say “Good Morning” to kids like pirates or monsters. This will boost up the energy of children.

Stand up and move

As all are at home, they have enough space to move as they want. So get the chance to get some energy. Children can greet using a dance move, bows, or spin around with a switch on a webcam to their friends.

Find the mystery 

Children will love this virtual morning greeting method. It can be a mystery number, letter, word, or student. For example, when you play this virtually, you have to choose a student from the classroom.

And give a few clues that help other students to figure out who the mystery student is. When you indicate, students have to write the name of a friend they think of as the mystery student. This will be an excellent guessing game and a morning meeting greeting.

Examples of Morning Meeting Greetings 

Positively starting the day is an essential part of any nursery school classroom. The morning meeting greeting can be an important part of that. But finding the most effective greeting for your classroom can be a challenge because you have to avoid students getting bored.

Here are some ideas for morning meeting greetings that you can try in your classroom.

Find a Friend

This is a good chance for a kid to collaborate with other students and make new friends. Simply, students have to greet each other and get to know each other well. This will be fun at the beginning of the school year because it helps students learn about their new classmates.

After a few days, the teacher can ask the questions like “Find a Friend Who likes to eat apples.” As students already share interests with others, they can identify a student for the question.

Daily, they can greet each other good morning and share something new with a new friend. Examples for some great find a friend questions are:

  • Find a friend who likes the beach.
  • Find a friend who has the same number of brothers and sisters as you.

The Hidden Treasure

The Hidden Treasure greeting method is also a perfect way for students to get to know their new friends by interacting with several students. This will make children exchange greetings for the day by shaking hands and saying hello to new friends.

For this hidden treasure morning meeting greeting, the teacher chooses a student to hide the treasure (you can use a coin for this) in the hand that the child is not using to shake hands.

Others can try to guess who has the hidden treasure by asking questions from many students and try to determine if that person holds the treasure. The treasure holder shouldn’t reveal the truth soon.

That child should play pretending that he does not have the treasure. Students have to ask creative questions to find who has the hidden treasure. The great thing is that the truth won’t be revealed until the treasure owner shakes at least five or more students’ hands!

This activity is a great way to help students build social skills through interacting actively with other students.

The Snowball Fight

This greeting method will be perfect for groggy mornings when children are sleepy. It will help to boost up some energy.  For this method, the teacher has to take scrap paper, write each student’s name on a sheet, and hand it to a child.

They have to crumple up the paper they received into a ball, like a snowball, and when the teacher says “go,” they start the snowball fight! But as the first step, remember to make some classroom ground rules before starting. So it will don’t get messier.

How Do Morning Meeting Greetings Help To Have A Productive Day?

Morning greetings help to have a productive day in different ways. Let’s have a look at how it happens.

Boosts empathy and teamwork

Morning meeting greetings might seem insignificant, but it has a powerful effect on a person’s entire day. It connects us with other members of the team. Productivity needs to have a positive relationship with others.

It will make the mood of the person for the day. They feel valued by others too. This will boost empathy towards other members of the team while increasing teamwork.

It reduces awkwardness

Sometimes when we don’t speak to colleagues when they arrive in the classroom, it will be awkward. But sometimes, you may also feel uncomfortable speaking to a new person.

Still, you can change this upside-down through a simple morning meeting greeting. Positive human interactions and communications lead to a happier relationship and a productive day.

Good mental health support

Morning meeting greetings are the first thing in the morning that students will feel comfortable. It is a successful way of voicing their thoughts and needs. This can create a safe space for all students.

This affects their whole day’s mood, which makes a productive day!

Feel encouragement

One important aspect of morning meeting greetings is that all students get a chance to share. When morning meetings become a daily practice, it teaches all students to respect and listen to each other.

This is an important life skill for their lifetime. This makes everyone feel valued in the community.  Through this, students will get enough encouragement to face challenges that they face throughout the day.


Morning meeting greetings are great for team-building and helping students bond together with others. It creates empathy towards others. This makes them active throughout the day.

Additionally, teachers can have a well-behaved classroom with successful students. Not only behavioral changes but also these morning meeting greetings uplift the brain performances of the students.

As these activities are fun and engaging, the classroom won’t be dull for the whole day. The morning meeting greetings spread some spirit, some vibrancies, and of course, some positivity to the school for the entire day.

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