How do you organize a teacher’s desk as supportive to your daily work?

How Do You Organize a Teacher’s Desk?

The work desk is a mirror that reflects professionalism. An organized work desk is important to create a pleasant working environment and to maintain a peaceful mind. The teacher is a role model for a child, and it is a job that always needs mental stability.

I have seen some newly appointed teachers with their messy teacher’s desks, messing up all their work and failing in the classroom. A teacher’s desk is different from other professions, and it is needed to organize and maintain properly.

So, how do you organize a teacher’s desk as supportive to your daily work? There are easy 4 steps to follow to organize your teacher’s desk. As the 1st step, you may plan your desk in your mind and plan how you are going to do it. Secondly, sort all the items and group them according to the priorities levels. In the 3rd step, you can place all items on the desk accordingly. Every item should have a specific place, and once you use an item, do not forget to put them back in the correct place. The 4th or final step is maintaining the tidiness of the desk by allocating a little time to clean and organize it daily.

Moreover, I have listed important tips with details on organizing the teachers’ desk, such as keeping the essentials, labeling, using containers, folders, etc.

I have listed the topics I discuss below. Please, feel free to jump straight to the section you want by clicking on the topic.

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Importance of having an organized desk as a teacher

An organized desk is important for a teacher since teachers have many more items to place on the desk than other professions. And also, there may be many people observing the teacher’s desk.

The teacher needs to organize it well to create a positive image within others. Before concerning how do you organize a teacher’s desk, let’s understand the importance of having an organized desk for a teacher. 

  • Helps to remember important tasks

The teacher can maintain sticky notes or paperwork by mentioning the important tasks, lesson plans, and schedules. And also, the teacher can place the timetable on the teacher’s desk or paste it near to the work desk.

It will help to remember the tasks you need to accomplish. In addition, the books and necessary materials can be organized according to the priority of tasks and periods.

  • Save time

When your teacher’s desk is organized and neat, then you don’t need to waste your time searching for books, documents, or stationery.

When your work desk is designated, you can guarantee that you don’t need to waste time in switching to lessons, subjects, classes, and periods.

  • Reduces stress

A messy and untidy work desk makes your mind in a negative state. Your stuff is placed on the desk, and you spend a lot of time. So, the way your desk looks will affect your mind, and it creates stress.

And also, the stress you face from teaching too increases with a messy desk. Therefore an organized teacher’s desk is important to reduce stress. 

  • Inspires creativity

To focus your tasks, lessons, and teaching techniques creatively, you need to have a clean and an organized desk. When the desk is messy, you won’t be able to think or focus on anything.

Throw unnecessary things away and make your work desk a better place to inspire your creative thoughts.

  • Create a positive image about you

Your work desk represents your nature and characteristics. Therefore, an organized teacher’s desk will create a positive image of you within others.

Especially, other teachers, parents, and children may look at your work desk and come to conclusions about you.

  • Children will learn from you

A teacher is a role model for children, and therefore you must provide good examples for your students. They will learn to be organized, clean, and tidy if you behave like this.

Therefore, your teacher’s desk is a good way for them to learn cleanliness and organizing. The organized and pleasant teacher’s desk will encourage students to maintain their desks organized.

What items should a teacher have on the desk?

When answering the matter of how do you organize a teacher’s desk, the item that should be on the teacher’s desk is important. An organized desk should not have all the unnecessary stuff. The essential lesser number of items will make it organized and easier to manage.

First, identify what are the essential items for your daily work and give them a priority. Remove older and complete lesson plans which are not relevant now and keep books and documents needed for current teaching periods.

Use a dustbin to remove every unnecessary thing daily. Here are some items which you should have on your desk as a teacher.

  • Teacher Mailbox to place letters, parent notes, money orders, permission forms, and other important papers
  • File folder for the days of the week to put the files and documents needed on separate days
  • Desk Calendar
  • A small box of first-aids with band-aids, painkillers, eye drops, antacids, etc.
  • Personal mug and water bottle
  • A stapler, tape, pens, pencils, and a pencil sharpener
  • Pen holder
  • Sticky note pads
  • Books, papers, and documents
  • Daily timetable
  • Chart paper
  • Crayons, paint, colored pencils, glue, dry erase markers, highlighters
  • Punch and paper cutter
  • Tissues, paper towels, hand sanitizer, personal hygiene products

How do you organize a teacher’s desk perfectly?

How to you organize a teacher’s desk is a common matter of many teachers. A disorganized workplace will mess up your whole day and disturb your work.

Let’s start to focus on what you should need to do to manage it. 

Step 1 – Planning 

First, you need to identify the importance of having an organized teacher’s desk and how it will benefit you.

Second, figure out how your work desk should be functional and how you need it to be. Identify major works you do there and find out what you need for them. Then you need to clarify your essentials which should be placed on your desk.

You must list down your major tasks and your essentials with priorities. Plan and brainstorm until all the necessary things are covered. 

Step 2 – Sorting 

Now you have identified the functions you need to accomplish in your work desk and figure out the necessary items for completing your tasks. Since the planning process has ended, now it’s your time to intentionally organize your teacher desk.

So, how do you need to organize a teacher’s desk? First, gather all the items you need in one place. If you are organizing your desk for the first time, it is easy since all the items are bought at that instance. But if you are re-organizing your teacher’s desk, take out all the stuff and clear the desk. 

De-clutter the unnecessary things and limit the items on your desk. While organizing the teacher’s desk, trying to keep the surface off as much as possible. Keep the counter free and take the unnecessary thing home. 

Step 3 – Placing 

Then, refer to your priority items list and keep the most needed items within arms reach. This will save your time and make your work efficient. Make sure to place all of your items easy to grab.

Keep everything in their particular places, and if needed to clarify, you can organize them better by labeling. It will help you to reduce your brainpower wastage on remembering the places of items.

Step 4 – Maintain  

When considering how do you organize a teacher’s desk, it is not just a one-day task in which you arrange the desk. You need to maintain your work desk daily. At the end of the day, clean your desk and organize everything for the next school day.

The teacher’s desk is the first thing you see every morning before you start to work. Therefore, wipe the desk surface, declutter it, and arrange everything in a pleasant manner that will inspire you to work the next day.

Therefore, this is a simple way to introduce how to you organize a teacher’s desk and try it out; it will exactly make a change with you.

Tips for organizing a teacher’s desk

How do you organize a teacher’s desk is already discussed, and to make it more effective, here are some tips you can follow to organize your work desk.

Keep only essentials and limit the items

Don’t fill your desk with so many things. Keep only items that are necessary for your daily work. Consider the list of items mentioned above and the priority list. Limited items will help you to concentrate on your work and provide space for you to think creatively.

Use containers, organizers, and folders

One of the best tips to organize the teacher’s desk is using containers, organizers, and folders. Pen holders, file folders, and containers are some examples. They make it easier to manage items and make your desk tidy. And also they help to save time as well as space on your desk.

Particular places for everything

Make particular places for every item on your desk, and don’t misplace them. Keep everything in a particular place after using them. It will save the extra time you waste on searching for an item when needed.


Labeling is also a good technique in considering the answer for the question, how do you organize a teacher’s desk. You can label the items, especially the files and folders, separately, and it makes it easier to find documents when needed.

Further, you can label the places to keep certain items. It will support students to keep the items they used in a particular place. 

Daily clean before leave

Make a habit of cleaning your desk daily before you leave the classroom. At the end of the day, throw away unnecessary stuff on your desk, wipe the surface, and place the items in particular places. It will be great and pleasant to see a clean and tidy work desk every morning.

Avoid clutter

Getting rid of clutter is also a good tip for organizing a teacher’s desk. The biggest clutter type in the classroom is paper clutters, and you will have them on your desk.

Keep a paper basket and avoid those paper clutters to mess up your desk. If not, you will not be able to find out anything necessary when you are surrounded by clutter.


How do you organize a teacher’s desk? Do you have a better understanding of organizing the teacher’s desk? I hope you have enough knowledge. 

Now, you have a clear idea about maintaining an organized teacher’s desk and the importance of it. You may have an understanding of identifying which item should be there and the process of organizing the teacher’s desk by following the given tips. An organized work desk will support you to achieve success in your career. So, pay attention to re-organize your messy teacher’s desk and maintain it tidy from today onwards.

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