How Can I Be A Good Friend To My Child?

How Can I Be A Good Friend To My Child?

In the journey of parenthood, being a good friend to your child is a vital aspect of fostering a strong and loving bond. Most parents ask us ‘how can I be a good friend to my child?’ and ‘Is it good to be a good friend to my child?’. In that case, this will be the exact guide you need.

This article explores practical ways to connect with your little one, offering insights on communication, empathy, and activities that can help nurture a lasting friendship with your child.

The relationship between parents and children is one of the purest and most precious bonds in the world. Parents may face any challenge for the well-being of their children. This bond gets more complex when the kid grows up.

In the teenage stage, parents may not control their kids due to their stubborn personality. So, some parents think strictness and discipline from an early age will help them to raise their kids properly while some parents think being a good friend of the kid will help to raise the kid properly. 

This parenting debate has existed for a long time with parents who are trying to raise their kids properly. You should be a good friend to your child rather than being a very strict parent with many rules and regulations that can frustrate any child.

So, how can I be a good friend to my child? Start from their childhood and try to build and maintain a friendly relationship. Better communication and spending time together are the essential ways of becoming a friend of your child. Also, don’t be overprotective and forgive their mistakes and help them to overcome their weaknesses by advising and guiding them as a friend. Sharing your experiences and thoughts with them would also help to become a friend of your child. But also remember to keep some limits as you still have a role to play as your kids’ guardian.  

Accordingly, in this article, I have covered friendship with parents, whether it is good to be your child’s friend, whether it is possible to be a good friend to my child, and how I can be a good friend to my child. Let’s get started and know more about this important topic. 

Friendship With Parents

If you can be a good friend to your child, you can know everything that happens in a child’s life and guide them as a friend. Your child will trust you that you will be with them anytime they need you, which will positively affect their personal development.

Before we get into “How can I be a good friend to my child?”, let’s understand the friendship between parents and children. 

Parenting can be pointed out as the most challenging job role in the world; in the meantime, it is the most precious bond that every person wants to have. There are so many outside things in society that revolve around your family to grab the happiness and joy of your household. 

Build and maintain the bond

Especially when it comes to your children, you need good patience as well as constant efforts to distract from these disturbing things to keep your child on the right track. It gets harder and harder when they grow up.

They need more love, guidance, and support when they are stepping into youth. So, it would help if you were with them whenever they needed you. When your kid grows up, you may notice that the relationship between you two becomes more complex. If you can be a good friend to them, it will be easier to raise your kid properly. 

Share experiences and thoughts

Usually, a child shares everything with a good friend. Both positive and negative things. By approaching your child like a friend to your child, you can guide and secure them.

In the teenage stage of the kid, it will be more effective to rely on this parenting style. There are physiological and physical benefits of this bond. Additionally, it positively affects your child’s personality.

Have limits 

You may be a good friend of your child, but you are the parent of your child. Some parents lose these boundaries to consider them as cool parents. It can be fun at the beginning, but with time, it may not show positive results for both parents and children.

If you do not set boundaries to parent-child friendship, the child may not respect you. So, they do not bother anymore to listen to your pieces of advice. And remember the limits when you share with your child. 

A best friend can open their heart without any limit but do not forget that this is your kid. And sometimes you have to be strict with your children when they do something wrong.

As you are their best friend, you should keep in mind that you have a role as a parent, too. So, it is important to remind yourself to set the limits to this friendship bond with your child.  

Is It Good To Be Your Child’s Friend?

Parents who ask about “how can I be a good friend of my child” are also curious about if it is good to be your child’s friend. Society holds both yes and no answers to the question, “Is it good to be your child’s friend?”.

It is good to be your child’s friend by setting a few limitations. Here, I will tell you why.

It builds a good relationship 

Some children are afraid of their parents due to strict rules and regulations; children are not close to their parents. Children should feel loved and secure around their parents.

Not being afraid or distancing themselves from their parents. These children may probably argue whether their parents truly love them or not. Unfortunately, they will suffer from this trauma until they die. 

It secures them from external threats

Growing up is a rough process for children as they have to go through many difficulties. So they need the support and guidance of their parents. But, some children do not speak about these issues with their parents because they know they will get scolded.

This keeps them quiet, and they will keep their problems to themselves. Sometimes, they want to speak up about crucial issues like school bullying, sexual abuse, problems with their studies, etc.

But they do not communicate with you because you are not close enough with them. This is why I am suggesting that it is good to be a friend of your child. It will make him feel secure as well as make him a confident person in society.

It will be challenging to tackle with the new generation, but with a good effort, you can be successful. 

It makes them strong

Always listen to your child with interest, and encourage them to tell more. Teach them from their own mistakes. Let the child know that they can count on you anytime they need, and they can tell you anything with you.

Treat them like individuals who can make their own decisions with your guidance. So, be a good friend of your child and have the happy home you always wanted!

I hope you already got the answers to the question, “How can I be a good friend to my child.”

Is It Possible To Be A Good Friend To My Child?

Yes, it is possible to be a good friend of your child. You lay the foundation for a good friendship relationship with your children by winning their trust, guiding them in difficult situations, and loving and showing them that you love them. This will be a good foundation for a healthy friendship relation with your child.  

It would help if you started this from an early childhood age to have effective results. When they grow up, they will be close to you and seek your pieces of advice in difficult times as a friend.

You can show them the right path. But remember, being a friend with your child does not mean encouraging them to skip doing homework, bunk the classes, etc. 

Always try to be a responsible parent who is close to your child. Just remember to be an authoritative figure only sometimes. You need to practice patience and good listening skills to be a good friend of your child.

Sometimes, this friendship bond can start from early childhood but also as an adult child. If you are ready to be a good friend to your children, they are ready anytime to give you the chance!

How Can I Become A Good Friend To My Child?

Every parent likes to see the success of their children. So, they use many parenting styles to guide children. Being a friend of your child and guiding them in a positive way of raising a child.

Many parents question, “How can I be a good friend to my child?”. There are many ways to build up this relationship. Read the following tips, and you will find the solutions to your problem. 

Be there for them

Sometimes, children need someone with them for almost everything during the first stages of socialization. They are going through many challenges every day. So they need someone to tell them what happened in preschool, how hard their studies are, etc.

So if you have doubts about “how can I be a good friend to my child?”, this is your opportunity. Build trust within your child and instill confidence in them. So, they will start sharing with you whenever they need. Gradually, they will come to you when they need advice in their life.

Spend time with them

You may be a working parent who is very busy all the days of the week. But if you need to make a healthy relationship with your child, make sure you balance the office work and allocate time for your children, too.

I have heard that many children complain that their parents do not spend time with them, and they feel ignored by their parents. To solve this, you can cook with your child, watch a film together, play cards together, etc.

By allocating time for the children, you can make a good friendship bond with the child. 

Do not be overprotective

If you are still questioning, “How can I be a good friend to my child?” remember not to be overprotective. Do not say “No or Yes” all the time for almost everything.

Sometimes, you have to let the children make decisions that do not have more harm to them. When they fail, teach them how to do it correctly. In this way, you can teach your child what is wrong and what is right by not making you an enemy to the child.

Forgive your child

Children always make mistakes. They need to learn what’s right and what is wrong. They do what they like. So, when your child makes a mistake, do not scold or beat your child. Instead, teach them why it is a mistake and how to correct it. 


It is clear that being a good friend to your child has positive results more than negative results. You can be a good friend and, in the meantime, a responsible parent. But remember to keep boundaries.

Children may not make bad decisions when they have a close relationship with their parents as they share almost everything with their parents. So, if you had doubts about “how can I be a good friend to my child?” you might have clarified it through reading this article.

Remember, you should be the first person that your child reminds when they need help. To build that relationship with your child, you can be a good friend of your kid.

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