Daycare Drop Off And Pick Up Policy - Complete Guide

Daycare Drop Off And Pick Up Policy – Must Know Facts

We are in a competitive world. So, most of the parents are busy with their jobs, and their little children have to grow up without their parents in the daytime. Therefore, the parents who are doing jobs have to find alternatives for the safety of their children until they return from work.

Daycare centers will be the option for many parents. Accordingly, you should confirm that your children get enough security in that place by looking at its policies.

So, you need to have a clear idea of the daycare policies. Therefore, this article is a complete guide on daycare drop-off and pick-up policy. 

What is the Daycare drop off and pick up policy? These are the policies that are imposed to ensure the security of children when they are dropping off and picking up from the daycare center. Here, you should be concerned about the pickup policies related to; the pickup by an unknown person and by a person who appears unwell and about the late children pickup. Under drop off policies, it is important to consider; drop-off procedures and late drop off procedures, etc.

Also, you should have a clear understanding of the importance of these policies as; ensuring the security of children, providing a quality and confidential service, etc.

And give the same importance to the additional security measures of Daycare in emergence because children are the priceless gift sent to this world by the god. 

Accordingly, in this article, I have covered the daycare drop-off policy, daycare pickup policy, the importance of these policies, and finally, I have provided some information about the additional safety measures of Daycare for your better understanding.

Let’s get started!

Daycare drop off policy

Many parents find the Daycare as the alternative place for their children to stay safe until they return from their work. So, the Daycare drop off and pick up policy should be much concerned here.

Accordingly, let’s consider the daycare drop off policy with more details through this. It concerns both the parent and the institution. 

From the side of the staff;

  • They should impose policies to drop the children on time. As an example, give time to drop them, maybe until 8.00 a.m. or 9.00 a.m. 
  • Also, it may allow only the authorized person to drop off the child. 
  • Get a record of the drop-off by the parents.  
  • Greet and welcome both parent and the child warmly.
  • Share information with the parent related to caring for the child on a specific day. For example, about the health condition of the child, shaping up the skills and abilities of the child, etc.
  • Handle the separation of the child from their parent sensitively to release the separation anxiety of the child.

On the parents’ side, 

  • Make sure to keep your record when you drop off the child.
  • Do not leave the child in the vestibule or outside the Daycare. 
  • Bring the child and hand over the child to a staff member by yourself.
  • Inform the staff about special considerations for your child on the day. As an example, information about the health condition if the child is sick, tell about the development of skills and abilities that you want to see in your child. 
  • Make sure to drop off the child on time.
  • Give a happier goodbye without making the child feel separation anxiety. 
  • Obey the security policies of the Daycare.

Daycare pick up policy

Both parents and the staff of the daycare center should be much responsible for the daycare drop off and pick up policy.

So, it should be concerned around three major areas as; pick up by an unknown person, by a person who does not do well and late children pick up. Here, let’s consider these things with more information for your better understanding.

1. Picking up by an unknown person

Here, both parents and the staff have a greater role to play. From one side, parents should not send a person where the staff of the Daycare does not know without informing them.

And on the other hand, the staff should discuss with each other to confirm that the specific person is not familiar to them and immediately contact the parents of the child and ask about the person to confirm whether he was sent by the specific parent. 

If the individual who came to pick up the child does not leave the place without the child or pick up the child by force even without the permission of the parent, the staff should contact the police as soon as possible and inform them of the; name, the appearance of that person, the vehicle number, where did he left and the appearance of the child.

Also, should inform the head of the daycare center and the parents of the child as soon as possible. 

2. Picking up the child by a person who looks unwell

When talking about this, it also has a shared responsibility among the parents and the staff.

From the parent’s side, he should make sure not to pick up the child when he is intoxicated because it is a risk for the child, and on the other hand, if the staff notice that the authorized person who came to pick up the child is not well, contact a cab for them to go with the consent of that person.

Or, the staff can contact another authorized person to pick up the child. The thing is that both parties should not risk the life of the child. 

3. Late pick up

Here, the parents should obey the policies of the daycare center because; your child is safely looked after by them until you return from work.

So, make sure to pick up the child on time as much as possible. And if you feel that you will be late, do not forget to inform the staff. 

On the other hand, the staff should convey the policies and closing time of the daycare center for the parents.

And if the parents seem late, contact them as soon as possible; if the parent is not available, contact the emergency authorized person of the child, inform the head of the daycare center, and if no one is there to pick up the child, the staff should inform the necessary child care societies and the police. 

So, that is how the Daycare picks up policy works. There is a shared responsibility among the parents and the staff under this policy. 

The importance of daycare drop-off and pick up policy

First of all, let’s see what a policy is. The policy can be simply defined as; a code of conduct that has been introduced by a specific institution or an organization to regulate the actions performed by it or to provide high-quality service.

So, when it comes to the daycare drop off and pick up policy, it is important for the daycare center, parents, and the children. Then, how is it important?

1. Ensure the security of the children

The basic significance of this policy is to provide security for the children. Under this policy, children are allowed only to drop off and be picked up by the authorized person who has been introduced to the daycare center as the parents or the guardian of the children.

So, any outsider can’t pick a child from a daycare center by force due to these policies. Accordingly, the children will be safe and secure in the daycare center.

2. Maintain quality and confidential service by the daycare center

When there are policies of drop off and pick up, it reflects that the specific institution provides a high-quality service.

A Daycare center is a place where parents keep their children until they return from their work. So, they decide the safety of the place through its policies. Accordingly, with high-quality policies, the institution will provide confidential and quality service.

3. Parents become responsible

Parents are exactly responsible for their children. But with the busy schedules, sometimes they will be unable to drop off and pick up their children on time from the daycare center. When there is a policy for these things, they will be more responsible for their actions.

As an example, when there is a policy, the parents should inform the staff of the Daycare if they are late to pick up the child. They should respect and be responsible for it. So, this policy is a help for both parties to offer and have a responsible service. 

4. Apply a legal framework for the service

All parents like to keep their children under the authority of an accepted legal framework. That is ensured by the policies for the child’s drop off and pick up.

The police accepted national level childcare organizations etc., are bound with service provided by the daycare center with these policies.

So, the parents need not worry about the legal framework around their children when they are in the daycare center. 

Additional security measures of Daycare for children

The main aim of finding a daycare center for the children is to provide a safe place for the children until parents return from their work. So, you should pay more attention to the security measures in addition to the Daycare drop off and pick up policy.

So, here let’s pay our attention to the additional security measures of a daycare center that makes you mind dropping your children. 

1. Security cameras

The availability of security cameras can be cited as one of the best security concerns of a daycare. So, it is better to look for these facilities if you are finding a safe place for your children.

The visual security cameras can monitor everything that happens in and out of the daycare center. So, you can see what your children do there when you are not with them. 

2. Front door controls

You also can decide about the safety of the place, which prevents the entry of unauthorized people through the front door controls.

Fingerprints, security codes prevent the entry of outsiders to the Daycare through this door control. 

3. Receptionist

Here, a staff member should act as a receptionist. Then she can see the people come in and go out of the Daycare properly.

So, if you are dropping your child at a daycare center, see whether there is a front greeting table in it. It can prevent the entry of unauthorized people into the Daycare.

4. Call station at the entrance

This is helpful for both you and the staff; if you forget the code to enter the Daycare, you can communicate with a staff member and enter it without any trouble. 

5. Fire extinguishers and alarms

Fire extinguishers and alarms are common security means in any institute. So, see whether there are those basic security measures in the Daycare that you are going to keep your child. 

6. Illness policies

Be careful of the sickness policies of the Daycare to ensure the security of your child when he gets sick at the daycare center. That illness policy should concern both the sick child and the other children. 

If one child shows symptoms like; fever, headache, vomiting, coughing, running nose, etc., the sickness policy should include how to separate that child from the others and how to provide treatments for the sick child. 

Conclusion – Must know facts about Daycare drop-off and pick-up policy

We have discussed the; Daycare drop off and pick up policy with more details. I think this article will be very important for all the parents who are keeping their children in a daycare center as I have covered some important areas like; daycare drop off policy, daycare pickup policy, the importance of these policies, and finally, I have provided some information about the additional safety measures of Daycare for your better understanding.

The daycare drop off policy is concerned about the drop off procedures, late drop off procedures. And the Daycare picks up policy is concerned about the pickup of children by an unknown person, an unwell person, and the late pick-up.

Anyway, Daycare drop off and pick up policy is very important to ensure the security of children, provide a high-quality service by the institution, make parents responsible, etc. Also, you should pay attention to the other security measures of a Daycare like; security cameras, illness policy, fire extinguishers, and alarms, etc. So, by considering all the security and safety measures, you can choose the best Daycare for your child.

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